MiSentinelSOS Multi-purpose Portal

We provide our clients with a web-based portal which allows them access to the relevant information, functioned by the control room. All users’ data as well as pre-escalation policies can be up dated in real time.

Advantages of the MiSentinelSOS Portal

Safe and Flexible

We offer a high degree of reliability and security. Our users can flexibly adapt their requirements - for example, in the selection of peripherals, time, or escalations policies.

Legal Requirements

Implement the legal requirements for working on your own. The portal ensures In critical situations the security chain runs reliably and quickly.

Any Size Of Company

Small and large companies are offered decisive security with convenient advantages. Choose from a simple, fully automated solution or the integration of an external call center.

Dashboard at-a-glance

MiSentinelSOS Portal analytical dashboard provides easy data accessibility to  incident activity, incident alerts, personal data, 24-hour safety checks, active controllers and other statistics.

Procedures will be handled by the client’s informative data dashboard, which will improve incident response methods.

Lone Workers Activity Wall

The activity wall displays all the relevant information for the control room users to access and monitor at the time of emergency.
The user friendly activity wall shows the data related to employees, device battery timings, signal strength, their current locations and check-in/out activities.
Safety Check is a way of staying in contact with users whether they’re safe in their working environment or require any assistance and the responses are recorded within the customer portal and control room portals.

Incident Reports

List of incident details and data are stored and recorded. You will have complete access to fully export and customizable report by selecting and filtering fields required. Make use of this added feature to improve the performance of your organization and support key steps to better lone workers management.

Lone Worker App FAQs

A lone worker app is an application that can be downloaded on smartphones designed to protect employees working alone.
The most basic function of a lone worker app is to raise an SOS alarm when the user needs help, for example if they’re in danger, suffer an injury or feel threatened.
A lone worker app is linked with a 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). When the SOS alarm button is pressed, an alert is raised in the ARC and audio communication is opened between the smartphone and the ARC Controller. You can also use a lone worker app to set timers for specific tasks and to check in/out of the working day.
The MiSentinelSOS lone worker app is available to download from both the Apple Store and the Play Store. Before gaining access to the app’s features, your employer will need to have purchased a User ID and User Token.

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