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The ARC integrates innovative technologies to monitor and ensure the well-being and safety of lone workers and high-risk workers. Partnering with Senate (GSOC), we take monitoring to a higher level with intelligence provision and a 24/7/365 Operations Centre.
Lone Worker Monitoring Systems - MiSentinelSOS

Flexible Monitoring Service

Our monitoring services are committed to ensure your safety and guarantees you the quickest response in the event of an emergency call alert. Lone worker’s positions and site location are briefed to the response team from our highly-skilled members of the ARC with their continuous monitoring and tracking of the individuals status.

Our app users also have the choice and flexibility on starting or ending their preferred timing of being monitored by a simple click. Whether they would simply like us to monitor their wellbeing until the end of their shifts or even after, we deliver.

Regular Safety Check

Although our users will have the control and option to customise auto check-ups for their employees, our monitoring service will also send out regular safety checks.

In the case of a lone workers’ abnormal status or is on site for longer than needed, safety checks are sent out from the ARC to ensure their wellbeing and safety surroundings.

Lone Worker App FAQs

A lone worker app is an application that can be downloaded on smartphones designed to protect employees working alone.
The most basic function of a lone worker app is to raise an SOS alarm when the user needs help, for example if they’re in danger, suffer an injury or feel threatened.
A lone worker app is linked with a 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). When the SOS alarm button is pressed, an alert is raised in the ARC and audio communication is opened between the smartphone and the ARC Controller. You can also use a lone worker app to set timers for specific tasks and to check in/out of the working day.
The MiSentinelSOS lone worker app is available to download from both the Apple Store and the Play Store. Before gaining access to the app’s features, your employer will need to have purchased a User ID and User Token.

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